Layer Logic

Gives your team the power to work on an interactive video wall using all of the software applications you already own

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Collaboration via Touch

Intuitive Touch Interface

Connect and interact with your content using familiar touch gestures. Anyone can start using Layer Logic in minutes.

Familiar Software

Operate your own devices from the touchscreen. Or, use shared applications on the enterprise network from the touchscreen.


With Layer Logic, several people can use the video wall simultaneously, interacting with and controlling different sources of content.

Video Processor Control

Control your video processor dynamically through touch. Show and hide sources, recall presets, and adjust the position and size of your sources — all on demand.

Video Processor Control


Use Layer Logic anywhere you have a touch enabled video wall or large format display.

Your Sources, Your Content

Sources are devices like Windows PCs, Macs, Blu-ray Players, Cameras and more.

Touch Displays

Layer Logic supports large video walls with touch overlay hardware or commercial monitors with built-in touch technology.

Video Processors

Layer Logic software works with most Video Processors in the market.

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